• 80% of our clients select this method.
  • We assist our clients and their professionals in the pre-construction phase and we use our expertise from day one.
  • This is a flexible and simple approach that facilitates decision-making during completion.


  • We represent our client’s interests and make recommendations.
  • We suggest an efficient work sequence and a sensible timeline.
  • Financial management of your project is controlled using an innovative document management system and a cash-flow forecasting program.
  • We inspect our worksites proactively in collaboration with a specialized firm in quality assurance.



  • To gather all phases of your project under a single contract.
  • This formula provides a better control of timelines and makes it possible to analyze the financial implications of the various methods proposed.


  • The performance specifications that are developed outline the nature and scope of the work to be done.
  • We handle the recruitment of professionals and collaborate with them in completing your project.
  • We make sure that the choice and specification of materials is suitable accordingly to the available budget.



  • Because your project is 100% determined. You have complete plans and specifications produced by your professionals.
  • You are ready to start your project.


  • We will bid on your project and are convinced that our professionalism and competitive prices will meet your expectations!
  • We will set a fixed price.
  • We will develop a timeline for completing the work in keeping with your deadlines but no compromise on quality.


Through our various real estate divisions, we assist our clients who wish to purchase a new property, rent a unit or invest in developing a lucrative project. This offer is guaranteed by a specialized team mastering the various aspects of design, land development, construction and sales.

Developing a smart and efficient real estate project requires the involvement of specialists whose knowledge of real estate law, finance, construction and marketing is combined to ensure success.